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moneycorp (TTT moneycorp Limited) is an international company offering foreign exchange and global payment services to individual and corporate customers. It operates in a number of countries and also provides bulk foreign notes and travel money services (bureau de change) via a number of travel companies and airlines.

Alan shared his experience, "Withdrew €200 from an ATM in Spain using my Moneycorp card. When checking my statement I discovered that the same amount had been withdrawn in 9 other currencies. This is obviously impossible to do. I phoned Moneycorp and emailed them and got the usual runaround. Call centre staff barely speak English and always have to refer to a manager and that is when the line goes dead. Very very frustrating and utterly hopeless. Still not sorted. Won’t be using my card ever again."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very cheap and unfair compensation, changing managers/rolls of staff frequently, office drama, guys culture environment and no room for advancement"

Current Employee - Concernede Citizen says

"the weather sucked. and the traffic was horrible."

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Pressure, unsocial hours and low payment (benefits)"

Former Employee - Customer Service Manager says

"Senior managers have no skills in engagement and objectives were incredibly unclear. Unrealistic targets, no time to actually manage, poor structure and an embarrassing place to work. You get lured into what seems like a great company to work for however I am surprised they still exist. Shabby procedures, unfair customer treatment and no framework for personal development. The job was an eyesore on my CV and thus I had to remove it. Today I am a successful area manager in a top 25 organisation and look back and laugh how lucky they were to have me step foot in that office. Good Luck to all in there. Apply if you want to see your career decline into darkness."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Management spends their time making up rules about health and safety rather than looking for ways to improve overall office mood by making sure there is enough staff to cover both inbound and outbound work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company desperately needs to be modernised but they just lost or perhaps pushed the one or two people who knew how to do that. The good people are all looking for new jobs and the people who have been over promoted and will never find a role somewhere else will stay and sink with the ship."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for near on a year. If you want a job where your treated as a school kid and am bored half the time then this is the job for you. Can do lots of over time but will only pay you normal pay which then the tax man takes most of it. Say goodbye to a normal sleeping patten, social life and your weekends as they will go out the window. Ive never been in a job where management is so poor and treat their employees so poorly. No really communication with management, you air your concerns and they do absolutely nothing about it. Your collegues make the job and is the only thing that make you go in. For the responsibility and tasks given you are paid so poorly. Commission can be ok but when its quiet you get barely any. Not a career nor any real progression here.The colleagues you work with.Too many to list"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A highly politics driven culture, where hard work and commitment is not recognised. Promotions/demotions/redundancies are made based on connections with Senior Management and staff who merit recognition are typically overlooked. Very few benefits offered to staff and very little flexibility to encourage work/life balance. The atmosphere in head office is very tense and sombre- a distinct feeling that staff do not enjoy coming into work. Governed by a culture of fear which forces staff to have to comply with policies. High staff turnover which causes disruption and a less than efficient day-to-day run of the business.Absolutely none that I experiencedShady culture, highly politics driven, high staff turnover"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"workplace culture very unprofessional and management are very unorganised and its not a friendly workplace. a day is never the same and it's very difficult to advance in that company."

Lead Generator (Former Employee) says

"Awful office and terrible culture, to the point were one manager was abusive and patronising after making a simple error. Training was minimal and paid very poorly.It paid the billsNone"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I found my time here a very stressful time. The mangers are very unorganized and the pay was poor. I also found that they were very happy to lie to staff and also to customers as well. I would avoid working for this company.No prosShort break, unsociable hours, Bad management, no incentive"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My colleges and management was brilliant and very happy to receive all support from everyone there. The work and responsibilities in balance with the pay rate was a huge difference.Good teams.Very low paid."

Dealer (Former Employee) says

"Long hours are a guarantee. Too much responsibility and poor structure. Having worked for myself at my last place, this is torture compared to being self-employed!NoneLong hours, poor structure, too much to do"

Sales Consultant, office administrator (Former Employee) says

"Always hectic, no support from management. Staff I had worked with were nice but we were always under pressure to hit our impossible targets which in turn reflected on our bonus which wasn't any. Avoid!"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was quiet especially in recent years. The staff were multinational, which was good as you learnt some of the language. The management was rarely seen, and most feedback from them was negative. Targets were set too high, and unreachable, even though staff did put this to management, which they ignored. The best part of the job was meeting different nationalities. Staff were friendly to work with. Would I recommend Moneycorp CFX Ltd as a place to work? absolutely not.Meeting many nationalitiesLate finishes."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"No organization, No sense of urgency, Lack of Communication, Poor Management, Horrible health benefits, Little respect with customers needs and urgencies, wages are not competitive at all."

Acount Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you love to be micromanaged than I highly recommend working there. Pay is ok, but management has no clue what they are doing and has no business managing people."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Good way to gain experience for a school leaver or for someone who is at there end of working career and looking for part time work. Unsociable working hours due to working at the airport.Gaining Experience for young people, or if your looking to keep busy after retiring, or looking for part time workWorking Early shifts"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"you work too much but, at a 0 hours contract with too much responsabilities put on your position for a minimun pay and very little bonuses at the end of the month that can actually disappear if you make a mistakenoneread above"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Compare it to the salary( minimum wage) you have too much responsibilities, they are keep pushing for targets. Very early starts, or late finishes, no extra payment for Sundays and bank holidays,no proper place for having your break, and the bonus is almost never paid, because the whole terminal never hits the target. I was very disappointed. I wouldn't recommend for anyone"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"company needed more structure and focus as to how they wanted to grow the business.i learned commercial financewished the company had better management"

Cash Centre Operative (Former Employee) says

"Essentially paid minimum wage to do shift-work, either 9 or 12 hours a day, starting as early as 3am and finishing as late as 11pm. I was under living wage age, so I would train new employees and they would be paid more than me from the beginning."

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"All staff are polite, some of the nicest people I've ever met but the company is poorly run causing there to be issues daily. If there's a shortage in your till you are then required to pay the company out of your bonus" which can be difficult to earnUsually overtime availableYou're responsible to pay back any money you lose the company"

Foreign exchange sales consultant (Current Employee) says

"Lovely place to work, purely because of colleagues.Zero career progression available, always given various other responsibilities without the recognition or pay included.Higher management presence is non existent, couldn't feel less appreciated or important to the company."

Marketing Executive - moneycorp (Current Employee) says

"I would recommend a graduate role at moneycorp as when that person moves on they will have a good idea what a slow paced old school corporate is like to work for, which should help them understand the wider picture for must UK business."

Senior FX Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Moneycorp is based in the UK and is expanding offices and operations into the US. It is a privately held entity by an equity firm interested in selling it as soon as possible. Management is driven by sales acquisitions in a very short time frame."

Robert St John Crabtree says

" offers an exchange rate approximately 1.5% better than moneycorp"

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